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Last November members of the Black Panthers were videotaped intimidating voters in Philadelphia.  The Justice Department sought and obtained civil judgments against them.  Then, last May, DOJ brass dropped all the charges.

Now we know who did it.  From the Washington Times, EXCLUSIVE: No. 3 at Justice OK’d Panther reversal

Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli, the No. 3 official in the Obama Justice Department, was consulted and ultimately approved a decision in May to reverse course and drop a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party of intimidating voters in Philadelphia during November’s election, according to interviews.

Why drop the case?  No answer in the article.

Some people are not letting it go.  Lawmakers want answers, seek refiling in Panther case

Congressional Republicans on Thursday escalated their criticism of the Justice Department for dismissing a controversial voter-intimidation case, demanding that civil charges against the New Black Panther Party be restored. They also renewed their request to interview career attorneys who disagreed with the administration’s decision to dismiss the charge.


Map Update: Over 2,000 Registrations in 7 days!


Nearly 90 people gathered to protest government-run health care at Senator Bayh’s Hammond, IN, office on July 27, 2009.  The protest was organized by Northwest Indiana Patriots.  It was part of a statewide Tea Party protest.



Read the full report at Northwest Indiana Patriots blog.

Tired of all the media spin about health care reform?  Check this out.
What the Liberal Media Aren’t Telling You About Obama’s Healthcare Plans

Senators Near Bipartisan Deal on Health Care; No Public Option

After weeks of secretive talks, three Democrats and three Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee were edging closer to a compromise that excludes a requirement many congressional Democrats seek for large businesses to offer coverage to their workers. Nor would there be a provision for a government insurance option, despite Obama’s support for such a plan, officials said.

The Finance senators were considering a tax of as much as 35 percent on very high-cost insurance policies, part of an attempt to rein in rapid escalation of costs. Also likely to be included in any deal was creation of a commission charged with slowing the growth of Medicare.

…They said any legislation that emerges from the talks is expected to provide for a nonprofit cooperative to sell insurance in competition with private industry, rather than giving the federal government a role in the marketplace.

Much more at the link.

Middle East voters have had enough of election fraud:  Where is my vote? Mauritania Edition

Just as thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets to protest a seemingly rigged presidential election, now thousands of voters in Mauritania – at the other end of the Middle East – are marching under a green banner that reads: “Where is my vote?” A style of civic mobilization appears to once again spreading out of Iran, offering a model to dissidents throughout the region.

The Mauritanian protests began after the July 18 elections, where General Abdel Aziz, who took power in a coup last year, claimed to have won 52% of the vote in a multi-candidate race. However, accusations of voter fraud have run rampant, and opponents are asking for an international investigation and calling the vote “prefabricated”. Two incriminating videos have surfaced to buttress these claims: One video allegedly shows a ‘fraud factory’ in which pro-Aziz campaign staffers are seen duplicating voter ID cards to allow people to vote twice. Another video, taken on the day of the vote, shows Aziz’s supporters purchasing ID cards from underprivileged citizens, supposedly to use them to vote for Aziz.

The four main opposition candidates have rejected the outcome, the European Union has called for a proper inquiry, and the chairman of Mauritania’s Electoral Commission has resigned in protest. Hundreds of Mauritanians have taken to the streets to protest the apparent fraud, and the opposition has already adopted the slogan “Where is my vote?” – translating it into Arabic and French as a rally cry. No Iran-like crackdown on protestors has yet erupted, though it appears the struggle – as in Iran – is far from over.

More news of the civil rights movement in the Middle East at the CRIME Report.

Putting fish first.  From USA Today, Calif. farmers say feds make drought worse

FIREBAUGH, Calif. — The road to Todd Allen’s farm wends past irrigation canals filled with the water that California’s hot Central Valley depends on to produce vegetables and fruit for the nation. Yet not a drop will make it to his barren fields.

Three years into a drought that evokes fears of a modern-day dust bowl, Allen and others here say the culprit now isn’t Mother Nature so much as the federal government. Court and regulatory rulings protecting endangered fish have choked the annual flow of water from California’s Sierra mountains down to its people and irrigated fields, compounding a natural dry spell.

“This is a regulatory drought, is what it is,” Allen says. “It just doesn’t seem fair.”

More at the link.

Wyoming Governor Calls for 10th Amendment Resolution

Ohio Tea Party and other organizations unite:  Support Ohio Sovereignty Aug 1, 2009

From The Pincer Movement:

…Though the 10th Amendment is entrenched in the Constitution, forcing its application has become a burden of the states themselves. Clearly the federal government has not only ignored the Mighty 10th, it will undoubtedly fight vehemently any attempt to enforce it. After all, most politicians have massive egos and aren’t inclined to voluntarily shed themselves of power; this includes most federal judges.

So the battle that is now just commencing will be long and hard. Any legal foundational help will be welcome. That help could come from what is referred to as the Enumerated Powers Acts (HR450 and S1319) currently in congressional committee. The House bill was introduced by Arizona’s John Shadegg and the Senate sister by Tom Coburn of Oklahoma…

More at the link.

Advocating an Aggressive State Sovereignty Agenda

From the Tenth Amendment Center:  Will Florida Ban National Health Care?

In response to what some opponents see as a Congress that doesn’t represent their interests, State Legislators are looking to the nearly-forgotten American political tradition of nullification as a way to reject any potential national health care program that may be coming from Washington.

The most recent effort comes from Florida State Senator Carey Baker and State Representative Scott Plakon, who this week filed a proposed State Constitutional Amendment (HJR37)PDF as a means to prevent Floridians from being affected by any Federal Health Care Legislation.  If approved by the legislature, Florida residents could be voting on it as early as 2010.

HJR37 would deny the ability of any new law to impose demands, restrictions or penalties on health care choices on Floridians. Versions of proposed federal health care reform legislation have included insurance coverage mandates, and certain penalties on employers who fail to provide employee health insurance.

More at the link.

Florida follows Arizona’s example:  Article: Ballot measure seeks to solidify right to private health care in Arizona

Arizona voters will be asked to reconsider a ballot measure that would prevent residents from being compelled to join a government- run health care system and guarantees the right to purchase private health insurance.

On June 22, the Senate voted 18-11 to pass HCR2014, which will appear on the ballot in 2010.

More at the link.

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