From the Tenth Amendment Center:  Will Florida Ban National Health Care?

In response to what some opponents see as a Congress that doesn’t represent their interests, State Legislators are looking to the nearly-forgotten American political tradition of nullification as a way to reject any potential national health care program that may be coming from Washington.

The most recent effort comes from Florida State Senator Carey Baker and State Representative Scott Plakon, who this week filed a proposed State Constitutional Amendment (HJR37)PDF as a means to prevent Floridians from being affected by any Federal Health Care Legislation.  If approved by the legislature, Florida residents could be voting on it as early as 2010.

HJR37 would deny the ability of any new law to impose demands, restrictions or penalties on health care choices on Floridians. Versions of proposed federal health care reform legislation have included insurance coverage mandates, and certain penalties on employers who fail to provide employee health insurance.

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Florida follows Arizona’s example:  Article: Ballot measure seeks to solidify right to private health care in Arizona

Arizona voters will be asked to reconsider a ballot measure that would prevent residents from being compelled to join a government- run health care system and guarantees the right to purchase private health insurance.

On June 22, the Senate voted 18-11 to pass HCR2014, which will appear on the ballot in 2010.

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