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Via Instapundit, Cincinnati Tea Partyers surround their local Congressman for four days:

The Cincinnati Tea Party organized a four day demonstration to urge local congressman Steve Driehaus to vote against the Healthcare bill in the House. He is the only local representative who has not committed to a “ney” vote. We organized an unprecedented four-day “We Surround Him” demonstration to show our commitment to liberty and resolve on the issue.

The first three days of the demonstration were surrounding his district. We had members stationed at all busy exits around I-275 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. These members passed out educational materials to vehicles and pedestrians. The finale was yesterday, Saturday, when we surrounded him. Members surrounded the Carew Tower in Cincinnati where his local office is located. We invited Congressman Driehaus and his 2010 opponent Steve Chabot to speak about Healthcare after the rally. The Congressman declined our invitation. Speakers offered solutions to the “crisis” such as allowing for the sale of insurance across state lines and tort reform.


Local media coverage:  Cincinnati Tea Party concluded four-day protest on Saturday and Tea Party Rallies Against Health Care Bills


There was a big tea party protest in Cincinnati Sunday, and reports say thousands showed up.  Why are they there?

“We need to take back America.  I am tired of being ran by politicians.  They’re not listening to what I’m saying and I see that this is the beginning and I want to be in on it,” said Cheryl Page who supports the tea party.

“This is where the financial status of America started.  With the early revolution, and the taxation from the Brits.  And it almost feels the same way but only in modern terms,” said Tea Party supporter Jay Piper.

“Irresponsible businesses and irresponsible people should be allowed to fail.  That’s what is the foundation of our country.  You find the bottom, you work your way back up,” said Tea Party supporter George Piper.

Listen to the Democrat spin:

“Clearly the American public is strongly behind President Obama right now.  These are scary times and they require some very desperate measures,” said Tim Burke with the Hamilton County Democrats.

Is he trying to link the protests with the President’s spending in a positive way?  Kinda, sorta, I think.  Good luck with that.  He obviously isn’t reading any of the people’s signs.

Speaking of signs, some suggestions for sign language from the Chicago party planners here.