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Not Evil Just Wrong is a documentary film about the cost of global warming hysteria which will come out in the fall.  From The Foundry:

Producer and Director Ann McElhinney hopes the documentary will show “how extreme environmentalism is damaging the lives of the most vulnerable populations in the developed and developing world.” The spirited McElhinney, who was joined by her husband Phelim McAleer, spoke almost non-stop for forty-five minutes and posed some interesting dilemnas for global warming enthusiasts, as well as some memorable remarks on Bill Gates, Bono, Al Gore, NASA scientists and Rachel Carson.

…The couple continuously called out environmentalists to practice what they preach, at one point exhorting fans of renewable energy to only take sick relatives to hospitals powered by windmills. “They know the problem with renewables is they don’t renew themselves very often.” Later they urged parents who trust mosquito nets over pesticides to send their children to Malaria-infested parts of Africa.

Besides seeking to shine a light on faulty science and offering logical conundrums, Ann and Phelim want to empower laymen with tools for verbal sparring–under any circumstances.

“What we’re trying to do is give people who watch the film the language so they can take on their opponents in a pub after ten pints,” Ann said to hearty laughter. She feels conservatives have lost an important messaging battle and let environmentalists get away with their extremism.

Sounds good.  You can sign up for email updates about screenings at the movie’s website.


It’s been in  the works for years, but this sounds like it’s for real this time:
With ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ Hollywood may have its first anti-bailout movie

Although it was written a half-century ago, producers say that the book’s themes of individualism resonate in the era of Obama, government bailouts and stimulus packages — making this the perfect moment to bring the 1,100-page novel to the big screen.

“This couldn’t be more timely,” said Karen Baldwin, who along with husband Howard is producing, with film industry consultant John Logigian advising on the project. “It’s uncanny what Rand was able to predict — about the only things she didn’t anticipate are cell phones and the Internet.” Baldwin may be on to something — love it or hate it, “Shrugged” is seeing a resurgence, with book sales spiking as debates rage in Washington and around the country about the government’s role in a faltering free-market economy.

What’s taken so long to make it?

An “Atlas Shrugged” movie has gone through endless development fits and starts. Faye Dunaway and Clint Eastwood had been attached to earlier versions — if that doesn’t give you an idea of how far back it goes, we don’t know what will — but with both Rand and the Rand estate very particular about how the story was handled, those iterations didn’t get traction.

Those two quotes give me hope that the finished product will be true to the novel’s philosophy.

There’s a documentary to be on HBO Monday called “Right America: Feeling Wronged,” filmed by Alexandra Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.  Variety

She set out on the campaign trail following not the candidates, but their crowds. And Pelosi zeroed in not on the Obama boosters, but the zealots who backed the losing ticket.

Her trip to the other side was motivated by a feeling that — to give Sean Hannity some credence — the mainstream media was drinking the Obama Kool-Aid and woefully under-covering the McCain-Palin faithful. The result is a warped sense of the new president’s support and a forgetfulness that more than 58 million voted for his rival.

“Do you think that people in Hollywood know that there are a large number of people driving around America with ‘Nobama’ bumper stickers on their car?” Pelosi asked rhetorically in a recent interview. “Or do they think that the whole world just loves Obama, because you turn on the news and you think that the whole world loves Obama.”

It sounds interesting, and a change from the usual lefty HBO slant.  If you have HBO you may want to take a look.

H/T  Big Hollywood

There is a most interesting post on Big Hollywood Blog that analyzes President Obama’s inauguration speech, and the whole lefty point of view, in terms of Miguel Cervantes’ Don Quixote.  It’s a long piece but I found it well worth the time.  Picture Don Quixote not as an idealistic standard-bearer of chivalry but an aristocrat railing against an emerging social order that frees people from the old feudal system, and you will be on the way to Cracking the Obama Code: Don Quixote vs. the Windmill Owners

Four hundred years ago, Miguel Cervantes described an archetypal delirious fruitcake who wanted to change the world by turning the clock back to the idealized Utopian times that never really existed. Imagine what Cervantes would write today about the futility of his satirical effort, if he were to learn that four centuries later, a whole movement would arise that emulated his loony character and elected one of their kind as the leader of the free world.

The author likens the philosophical premises, stated and implied in the speech and Obama’s record, to the windmills Don Quixote attacked, and proceeds to take a few whacks at them himself, from the point of view of a man of freedom.  Some of them:

Windmill #1: Greed is bad for the economy.
Greed is a known “progressive” code word for the freedom to keep what you earn – the sort of freedom that made the United States the economic wonder of the world. To be fair, during the presidential debates McCain also attacked greed in rather quixotic terms, although next to Obama he sounded more like the simple-minded Sancho Panza.

Windmill #3: Partisan discord must give way to “unity of purpose.”
A debate between political parties is healthy for a democracy. The trouble is, the debate itself became toxic when Obama’s own party was hijacked by leftist radicals whose idea of unity is the suppression of dissent. If we unite with them for that purpose, it will be the end of American democracy. Observe examples of political unity in Cuba, North Korea, and Hollywood. One-party rule was stipulated in the Article 6 of the Soviet Constitution that singled out the Communist Party as the leading and inspiring force of the Soviet people. We know how that ended.

Speaking of his responses to these lefty talking points, he goes on to say,

These are the facts that Americans, of all people, should be able to recognize as obvious. How did it happen that the usually realistically-minded Americans not only elected a man who is withdrawn from reality, but overwhelmingly wish him to succeed in carrying out his fallacies?

The answer is probably in the changing nature of our age and its heroes. How it is changing and why is being increasingly determined by those who set the tone in the American popular culture.

Obama’s popularity indicates that a new archetypal American hero has emerged – a sentimental, selfless idealist, preoccupied with perceived crises and injustices – real or imaginary – and is determined to fight the cynics for the people’s right to have good intentions – consequences be damned.

And he and his gang won’t ride off into the sunset, either.  Where’s the Man With No Name when you need him?

There’s a lot more worth reading at the link.

Andrew Breitbart debuted  Big Hollywood Blog on January 6.   His objective is  “to change the entertainment industry. To make Hollywood something we can believe in – again. In order to give millions of Americans hope.”

But, you say, Hope and Change?  Where have we heard that before? Read a few posts and see what you think.  My verdict after reading a few days’ worth of posts is, I think he’s got it!

The blog shows  a face of Hollywood that few have seen (except for a few like Jon Voight and Chuck Norris). This intervention comes not a moment too soon, because the old witch has gotten uglier by the year.

And boring, too.  The same hobbyhorses get dragged out and ridden to death, time after time, in true catechismic form.  Who’s the bad guy?  The greedy businessman.  The religious nut.  The shallow, spoiled, selfish wealthy person.  The entire human race.  We’re all flawed. Oops! Doesn’t that sound a lot like being cursed with Original Sin? Hey, Hollywood, isn’t that just so, what’s the word, Christian?

And Hollywood celebrities:  We know what you think.  We’ve been treated to your expert opinions about everything for years.  I tuned you out long ago. Either put your money where your mouth is, or shut up and act.

Hollywood was once a symbol of glamor, excitement, and possibility. Dorian-Gray- like, the real picture of Hollywood turned out to be dripping with cubic zirconia, dreary predictability, and dead ends, filled with people whose lives differ from those of the dysfunctional characters they portray  only in the amount of wealth they possess.  A sad epitaph for a once dream-inducing vision.

The Big Hollywood blog has the potential to change that.  You’ll find that not everybody there thinks like Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn and Barbra Streisand.

Thank you, Mr. Breitbart.  You’ve made me say “Hooray for Hollywood!” again.
H/T Ace of Spades

I’ve seen some Demolition Man-like fantasies about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger running for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012 on the net.  Maybe because the state he leads is in such good financial shape? Or maybe it’s his “Girlie Men” thing which, by the way, got him my vote for a while.

Until now, that is.  Vaclav Klaus is the President of the Czech Republic, which took over the rotating Presidency of the European Union on January 1.  His ideas about what the EU is for, and his outspokenness about those ideas have caused, shall we say, consternation among the career trough-feeders in Europe.

Stand aside, Governator, there’s a new Terminator on the world stage:

It is a common feeling that the Czech Republic is taking over the European Union presidency at a rather complicated moment, even though almost all “moments” can eventually be called “complicated”. We should not panic and must say No to people who – by describing the current moment as the historically unique one – want only to manipulate us.

There are, of course, highly publicised (if not over-publicised) problems. The world is in the midst of a deep financial and economic crisis. The EU has growing troubles with its increasingly visible democratic deficit and is gravely divided as regards its own institutional arrangements. The global climate is basically not changing, but global warming alarmists have succeeded in persuading politicians (and some ordinary people as well) that a doomsday is coming and on this false assumption they have tried to restrain our freedom and curtail our prosperity. The long-existing nucleus of armed conflicts accompanied by immense suffering of millions of people – in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel-Palestine and some African regions – does not promise any quick solution.

The economic crisis should be regarded as an unavoidable consequence and hence a “just” price we have to pay for immodest and over-confident politicians playing with the market. Their attempts to blame the market, instead of blaming themselves, are unacceptable and should be resolutely rejected. The Czech government will – hopefully – not push the world and Europe into more regulation, nationalisation, de-liberalisation and protectionism. Our historical experience gives us a very strong warning in this respect.

I do believe he just called the entire European political establishment girlie men.  Delicious.  There’s lots more, including this un-curlicued, Terminator-like statement of fact:

Our historical experience gives us a clear instruction: we always need more of markets and less of government intervention. We also know that government failure is more costly than market failure.


The EU presidency might give us a chance to make use of some of our views to the benefit of the citizens of all EU member states. Their welfare and happiness will be maximised in a free, democratic, decentralised, open and liberalised Europe.

There’s his problem.  His statements are not complicated enough. They  don’t have all those twists and turns of phrase that let the speaker hide his real meaning (if any)  and evade any responsibility for his own words.  No wonder the European political class can’t stand him.  He’s a straight-talking cowboy, and we all know that’s the ultimate insult, at least to Europeans.  (Note to Europeans and American lefties:  cowboys were my heroes when I was a kid and still are, and all your sneering won’t change that fact.  If you’re going to bad-mouth someone, make sure your audience shares your prejudices.  It works better for you that way.)

Will he make it possible for Europe say “Hasta la vista, bay-bee” to the bureaucratic sinkhole the EU has become? I don’t know, but I wish President Klaus good luck.  He will certainly need it.

Thank you, Open Europe Press Summary and EU Referendum

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