The Baucus Senate bill isn’t aimed at making health care affordable for everybody. It is not meant to control costs, or to prevent a holocaust of death by lack of insurance, or any of the other lies that have been used to try to sell government-run healthcare to a reluctant public. It’s designed to herd the populace into the pen labeled “Universal Coverage” by making private insurance so expensive that a government takeover becomes imperative.  It’s an all-out assault on the private market, according to Real Clear Politics:  Destroying Private Health Insurance


…The Baucus bill includes an “individual mandate” that requires everyone to buy health insurance-but not inexpensive, high-deductible catastrophic health insurance. Instead, it imposes a requirement for pricier comprehensive coverage that pays for routine costs like annual checkups. The bill then requires that insurance companies provide coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, and that they charge customers at high risk of medical problems the same rates as those with lower risks-which means that these extra expenses will have to be paid for by raising everyone else’s premiums.

And then the Baucus bill delivers the knock-out punch: after forcing us into expensive comprehensive insurance plans and driving up the cost of those plans, the bill would impose a massive 40% tax on “gold-plated” plans-which turn out to include the health-insurance plans of many in the middle class. So that drives up the cost of insurance even higher…


And then, when the high premiums resulting from these “reforms” result in people screaming for protection from private industry in the form of a public option and the Supermen of Congress save the day by enacting it, what then?

What should really terrify us, though, is what comes next. What happens after people have been forced out of private insurance and into government-run insurance? Well, that’s already happened for everyone over the age of 65, and Obama’s plans for Medicare gives us a preview of our future under a government-run system. As Dick Morris points out, the elderly have turned against Obama’s plan because they realize that “three-quarters of Obamacare is to be financed by slashing $500 billion from Medicare over the next ten years,” primarily by cutting the fees paid to doctors for their services…

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If you’re not ready to be fitted for your government-supplied nose ring, get on the phone to Congress.  Tuesday, October 6, is National Call Congress Day.  Call your Representative here and your Senators here.