Unless you slam the door in his face.  Voters in Porter and St. Joseph Counties have the opportunity to say NO to another layer of government with the ability to levy new taxes in the referendum on November 3.


What are you voting on?  “Shall there be created the Northern Indiana Regional Transportation District under Indiana Code 8-24 to provide a regional rail system serving Lake, Porter, La Porte and St. Joe counties and a Regional Bus Public Transportation serving Lake and Porter counties with (County) becoming a member of the district?”  Available answers will be: YES -or- NO.

The deal:  The Regional Development Authority (RDA) was formed to create and coordinate projects that will enhance the northwest Indiana region’s economic allure to business.  According to the RDA Chairman, its focus, in order of economic impact, is on expanding the Gary Airport, extending South Shore rail service, improving the south shore of Lake Michigan,  and getting a public bus transportation system integrated.

RDA projects are funded by federal, state and county tax dollars.

So what is the purpose of creating the RTA?  To allow the RDA to raise additional local funding for its projects; local, as in another tax on county residents.

A vote against the RTA is not a vote against the RDA.  It is a vote against an appointed board of bureaucrats who would have the ability to raise your taxes above and beyond what you pay now.  See our fact sheet here.

Originally, four counties (Lake, Porter, LaPorte and St. Joseph) were told by the state of Indiana to have this special election.  As of now, LaPorte County has said they will not hold it this year, and Lake County has said they don’t have the money to hold it, but so far I’ve seen no official statement from them about the election.