Who says the House and Senate healthcare bills are all bad?  Health Plan Offers Therapy for Obama Fatigue Syndrome

2009-07-21) — Republicans in Congress have attached a provision to the massive health care reform bill providing funding for experimental drugs and therapies to mitigate the effects of O.F.S. (Obama Fatigue Syndrome), a collection of often-painful symptoms apparently brought on by over-exposure to the ubiquitous President Barack Obama.

In recent days, the president has appeared on television, on radio, on stage at a country music tribute, on a conference call with left-wing bloggers, and at a Japanese Steakhouse where he was seen tossing sauteed shrimp from the tip of a large knife into the mouths of middle-aged divorced women while keeping up an entertaining banter about the urgency of the moment.

Mr. Obama has worked, perhaps harder than any modern president, to make sure that the people know that he’s there for them, almost-literally all of the time. But medical experts say his ‘omnipresidency’ may also have a down side.

“Too much of anything can cause trouble in the human body,” said an unnamed researcher at the National Institutes of Health. “Even a gentle caress, with incessant repetition, can become an annoyance, then a raspberry abrasion, then an open weeping sore, then gangrene.”