The Senate’s healthcare reform bill is not.  Health Care Bill Would Curb Job Growth by Encouraging Small Businesses to Remain Small

The Senate version of President Obama’s government health care overhaul contains a mandate that all businesses provide their employees with health insurance or pay a fine, unless the business employs fewer than 25 people. Critics say the 25-employee benchmark could stifle small business growth by prompting companies to limit themselves to 24 employees.

The mandate, called the “shared responsibility of employers,” says that businesses must provide their employees health insurance or else pay an annual fine of $750 per employee per year ($375 for each part-time employee).

The bill exempts “small” companies, which are defined as any company that employs fewer than 25 people at any time during the year.

More federal meddling in the private sector:

Another possibly detrimental provision is one that concerns new businesses. The Senate bill mandates that for start-up companies, the government will estimate how many employees that new company might need – and it will use that estimate to determine if the new firm is exempt from providing their employees health insurance.

“[T]he determination of whether such [new] employer is a small or large employer shall be based on the average number of employees that is reasonably expected such employer will employ,” the bill says.

Moffit said this provision will amount to government determining how big a new business can be, because no new employer will want to run afoul of the government mandate.

Unbelievable. Is there no one in Washington who considers consequences of legislation?   More at the link.