Time for federal prosecutors to sharpen their powers of extrasensory perception.  Senate OKs bill on hate crimes

…The legislation, named the Matthew Shepard Act after the gay University of Wyoming student beaten to death in 1998, would impose longer prison sentences for offenses motivated by gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

It increases federal power:

It also would make it easier for federal prosecutors to pursue hate-crime charges when local authorities do not.

If enacted, it would be the largest expansion of federal hate-crime laws since they were created in 1968 in response to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It was attached as an amendment to the defense spending bill, which passed by a voice vote.  Senator McCain calls BS:

“Our legal system is based on identifying, capturing and punishing criminals, and not on using the power of government to try to divine biases,” Mr. McCain said during floor debate. “Crimes motivated by hate deserve vigorous prosecution, but so do crimes motivated by absolute wanton disregard for life of any kind.”

Religious groups also oppose the bill, saying it will infringe upon free-speech rights to preach against homosexuality.

A similar bill was passed in the House last April 249-175.

This legislation shifts the justice system’s focus from the criminal act to a prosecutor’s perception of the motive driving the act.  It will have the effect of making crimes against some people punished more severely than the same crimes against other people.  It is another step on the road to European-style multiculturalism, which selectively prosecutes and judges crimes depending on which identity group the victim is identified with.  It’s not an individual whose rights are violated, it’s an ethnicity, a religious affiliation or gender group that is injured in that legal point of view.

I thought America was about equal justice for all.  This bill will achieve the polar opposite.