More unelected bureaucratic control of healthcare:  White House wants more power to set Medicare rates

The White House is asking Congress to give the executive branch more power to limit Medicare’s rising costs.

A White House letter to top lawmakers on Friday said the move would be “a critical step forward” in controlling health care costs and providing better care.

The proposal would allow an independent advisory board to recommend changes in Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors, hospitals and other providers. If the president approved the recommendations, Congress could still vote to reject them altogether. But Congress could not approve some recommendations and reject others.

Well, why not?  The White House will be making the rules for everybody else’s healthcare if Obamacare passes.  As Health Care Deadline Looms, Congress Leaves Key Reform Details to Administration

Remind me again, where in the Constitution does it say an unelected Health Czar will determine what level of healthcare citizens receive?  If this bothers you as much as it bothers me, check out H.R. 450, the Enumerated Powers Act.

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