Obama Comes To Michigan, Tea Party Breaks Out! (With Pics)


Free speech zones in Florida city:  Port St. Lucie apologizes to Treasure Coast Tea Party

After a week of complaints about a sign at Freedomfest on July 4, city officials apologized to the Treasure Coast Tea Party.

“It was not our intent to interfere or cast dispersions on the tea party,” said City Manager Don Cooper, who took responsibility for what he called a “bone-head decision.”

About 75 members of the anti-tax group attended the City Council’s Monday night meeting looking for an apology.

They have said their civil rights were violated when they were singled out at the festival by being put into a special area with a sign nearby stating Port St. Lucie did not back their views or opinions.

Members got the apology they wanted and more Monday night the offer from Cooper to cover the cost of the city sign himself, rather than taxpayers, and the promise of no more signs at city-sponsored events.

Anti-Tax Tea Party Movement Scores Victory in Schwarzenegger’s ‘Stand for California’ Push

The Governator’s new message:

Balance the budget; no tax hikes; rationalize government by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse. This line, in pure form, has been completely alien to the Schwarzenegger administration since the recall of 2003. Yet it’s the standard program among tea party patriots across the country today. We’re “Taxed Enough Already,” remember?

Lots more and video at the link.

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