From Politico, Climate change punted deeper into fall

Senate Democrats have punted climate change deeper into the fall, a delay that underscores the steep climb the White House faces in convincing Congress — and the world — to dramatically slash greenhouse gas emissions.

The decision came Thursday, a day after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid met with White House energy adviser Carol Browner and six Senate committee chairmen and the group realized it would need additional time to finesse a deal that could pass the Senate.

Obstacles everywhere:

Southern and Midwestern Democrats have a long list of concerns about the bill’s electricity, agriculture, and cap and trade provisions. A version of the climate bill narrowly passed the House last month, after administration officials and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pressured a group of skeptical Democrats to vote for the legislation.

In the Senate, it won’t be nearly as easy to twist arms, and floor time will remain a major problem.

…The decision to delay climate legislation in the Senate comes as the administration’s environmental agenda faces new obstacles abroad. China, India and other developing countries refused to commit to specific goals for cutting greenhouse gases by 2050 at the G-8 summit this week, despite heavy negotiating by President Barack Obama.

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This is good news.  Means there’s a lot more time for this.