Around 35 Northwest Indiana Patriots gathered across the street from Senator Lugar’s office in downtown Valparaiso on July 9 to register their NO vote with the Senator on the Kennedy healthcare reform bill as it is currently publicized.  People carried flags and signs declaring their views, and shouted “Freedom!” and “No Socialized Medicine.” Lots of passing cars honked their support as the time went on.  The protest lasted about one hour. Police were present.   It was a peaceful, if loud, event.

Organizer Faith Jones and other members of the group presented Celina Weatherwax, Senator Lugar’s Director of the Northwest Indiana Office, with 136 letters to Senator Lugar signed by constituents expressing their concerns with expanding federal government and debt, and their feelings of disconnect with elected officials.  These letters were collected at Northwest Indiana Patriots’ July 4 Tea Party.  They also presented a letter outlining NWIP’s concerns with the healthcare reform bill, and urging Congress to thoroughly explore all options and alternatives.

Approximately 50 people from were present.  They presented petitions in support of government-run healthcare to the Senator’s office.

Local media coverage here, and here.




Presenting letters to Senator Lugar’s office.


Pictures thanks to Shawn

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