Not just for snark anymore.  As Health Care Deadline Looms, Congress Leaves Key Reform Details to Administration

With its self-imposed deadline for health care reform only four weeks away, major health care overhaul proposals in both chambers of Congress leave key details up to unelected Obama administration officials, giving the administration the power to ultimately define what health care reform will look like.

In fact, bills working their way through both chambers give the administration broad powers over a key “reform” component — health insurance “exchanges,” a new national purchasing pool from which individuals and businesses could choose health insurance from a range of options, including private plans and a government alternative.

The health insurance exchanges would be run by the administration, allowing Obama administration officials and the bureaucrats they employ to design and run a permanent government health care bureaucracy designed to act as part insurer, part enforcer for the new exchanges.

Exactly where in the Constitution does it give the Federal government, not to mention unelected bureaucrats, the power to determine what health care citizens will receive?  If that question popped into your mind while reading this post, check out HR 450, the Enumerated Powers Act.