“Nokia: Jailing People”- 5,000 Join Boycott

Back in April The CRIME Report reported that Nokia had provided the Iranian regime with an advanced data monitoring center. The full implications of Nokia’s partnership did not become clear until a few days ago, when the Iranian government began arresting hundreds of peaceful dissenters tracked via intercepted wireless communications. In the wake of post-election protests, Iran has put Nokia’s technology to use on a massive scale.

Under the title “Nokia: Jailing People” (a parody of Nokia’s slogan “Connecting People”), an urgent campaign has been launched to pressure Nokia to immediately end its contract with the Iranian regime, disable its monitoring center, and explain how Iranians can circumvent the monitoring system. At the site http://www.NokiaNo.com, over five thousand people in just five days have signed a petition and simultaneously sent an email to Nokia executives. Supporters have pledged to boycott Nokia products until Nokia stops helping Iran jail peaceful dissenters.

“Activists in the US and worldwide have been inspired by the courage of Iranians,” observed AIC’s Nasser Weddady. “This is about taking action now to help people on the ground. It’s a tremendous boost for Iranian activists to know the world is not sitting by silently.” Read coverage of the campaign in the Wall Street Journal, and take a minute to send a letter to Nokia at www.NokiaNo.com.

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