TEA Party packs Bomber Stadium

In spite of the humidity and overcast sky, Saturday’s TEA Party — Taxed Enough Already — drew hundreds of people, far more than the first TEA Party did on the Mountain Home square on April 15. While most of the bleachers were filled, many people sat in chairs they’d brought in front of the stands and others stood throughout the program. Organizers Richard Caster and Chris Tuthill seemed pleased and excited by the high turnout.

Flint, MI:  Genesee TEA Party holds Independence Day tax protest, plans campaign against Hurley millage

Holding signs with slogans such as “USA not USSA” and “No on Taxes,” more than 250 people protested during the Independence Day TEA Party on Saginaw in front of City Hall today.

The Genesee Taxed Enough Already Party, or TEA Party, held the event to kick off a new group, the Committee Against Tax Increases, which intends to campaign against the Hurley Medical Center millage proposal on the Aug. 4 ballot.

Minnesota:  Tea Party calls for less government, people’s rights

Seifert spoke to about 250 people at the Bemidji Tea Party “Freedom Over Socialism” rally on the Beltrami County Courthouse lawn. A half-dozen speakers spoke for 90 minutes on renewing the covenant with the founding fathers, the price paid for liberty, federal power is on the march, a call to action and a fight for freedom.

A demonstration with flags and signs along Bemidji Avenue was held prior to the rally, and after, tea was served and everyone given a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Apopka, FL, with video.

New Mexico:  T.E.A. Party rally focuses on nation’s values

“We are here to celebrate our nation’s independence and revisit the values that our founding fathers intended us to live by,”said Lisa Kincaid, spokeswoman and organizer for the group.

“The group’s message is that the true government of our country is we, the people,” Kincaid said. “We’re supposed to inform ourselves as to what is going on in our leadership, and not depend on elected officials in Washington to tell us how things are going. We have to be educated and well informed in order to hold them accountable. The Constitution is the supreme law of this land, and it’s our duty to uphold it as it was originally intended to be.”

Connecticut:  Norwich tea party protest draws 500