If you’re looking for the total cost of cap and tax, you won’t find it at the Congressional Budget Office.  CBO Ignores Economic Impact of Democrats’ Climate Bill

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) did not calculate the economic costs of House Democrats’ massive cap and trade legislation, only accounting for how the government plans to collect and redistribute revenues from selling carbon emissions permits.

The analysis, which was released June 19, shows that if Democrats’ carbon reduction schemes turn out exactly as planned, government will be able to largely mitigate the per-household financial impact of a cap and trade system by redistributing the revenues collected from businesses across the population, resulting in a net per-household cost of about $165 per year.

However, the CBO report does not examine the economic impact of imposing billions in new operating and production costs on virtually every industry in America. It only assumes that the price businesses pay for the allowances will be directly passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

CBO does not examine the cost from lost production and energy use to the economy, including higher unemployment and reductions in wages and benefits that would come as businesses are forced to cut back on production due to federally mandated reductions in energy usage.

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Maybe this is why.

Congress didn’t read this bill, either.