219-212.  From Politico, House passes climate-change bill

After months of negotiations, 211 Democrats and eight Republicans voted for the bill of more than 1,200 pages, setting the legislation on a path towards the Senate. There, it faces a far more uncertain future given the opposition of key moderates and the already-heated battle over health care.

Our grandchildren’s futures will be blighted as a by-product of political gamesmanship:

Democratic leadership attempted to protect their most vulnerable freshman by cajoling yes votes from more senior members such as Lloyd Doggett of Texas.

Doggett announced his change of heart from “strong objection” earlier in the day during the final stage of the floor debate.


The vote itself proceeded with much less drama than hung in the chamber for most of the day leading up to the much anticipated roll call; Democrats looked relieved and Republicans resigned as they watched votes register on the big board above the House floor. Fence-sitting Republicans such as Washington Rep. Dave Reichert and New Jersey Rep. Leonard Lance waited to vote “yes” on the bill, in a game of chicken with moderate Democrats.

Many of those moderate Democrats, like freshman Rep. Bobby Bright of Alabama, also waited until the end of the roll call to cast votes against the package.

In the end, Democrats had the votes they needed, and many veteran moderates were able to cast votes in favor of the bill without hanging junior Democrats out to dry. One possible exception – Maryland Rep. Frank Kratovil, a freshman – accepted handshakes from colleagues after casting an early vote in favor of the package.

Thanks, House of Representatives.  You have shown, for all to see, who “We, the People” are to you.  It’s not the voters.

Onward and upward.  Obama implores Senate to pass climate bill

“My call to every senator, as well as to every American, is this,” he said. “We cannot be afraid of the future. And we must not be prisoners of the past. Don’t believe the misinformation out there that suggests there is somehow a contradiction between investing in clean energy and economic growth.”

Obama said the bill would create jobs, make renewable energy profitable and decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil.

My call to everyone who values their personal liberty and free-market heritage is this:  we must be afraid of Obama’s future.  Don’t believe the misinformation out there that suggests that cap and tax is anything other than a freedom and economy killer.

Justbkuz says the bill will not create jobs, it will kill them.  See Spain’s experience with windpower green jobs.  It will not make renewable energy profitable, it will set up a patronage system for the politically-favored.  It will not decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil, it will decrease America’s standard of living.

One bright spot for northwestern Indiana:  Rep. Peter Visclosky voted against the bill.  You can see the role call vote at Michelle Malkin.