Congress didn’t read the stimulus bill before voting on it, and Democrats want to repeat history with cap and tax and health care rationing:  Will Congress Read Bills Before Voting?

Last month, when Republicans tried to stall energy legislation with hundreds of amendments, Democrats hired a speed reader to get through them all. Now, with Democratic leadership barreling through its hefty agenda this summer, it looks as if the speed reader’s services may be needed once more.

Various grassroots organizations are blasting Congress for not taking the time to properly consider the energy bill or health care reform — two very significant pieces of legislation.

The latest word is that the cap and tax bill, which was 946 pages, has mysteriously grown to 1,201 pages, and nobody knows why, except a chosen few:

“The fastest speed-readers and the most intelligent minds can’t make informed decisions with that much time. How can Congress?” Sunlight Foundation Engagement Director Jake Brewer said today in a statement. “The problem here is the bill wasn’t developed in the open in a committee, so no one — including those members of Congress not on the Energy Committee — knows how this latest version was created.”

…”Legislation has become so complex, you can really make the arugment the system the framers devised is broken,” he said. “Most bills are voted upon without those voting understanding much of what’s in it.”

That’s when members are forced to resort to speed readers. “It makes a mockery of the process,” Hanna said.

No kidding.  But Congress is not forced to use speed readers.  They did that to pay lip service to the concept of open government.