Hoping we don’t notice that the game’s the same even if the name is changed, Democrats urged to play down ‘global warming’

House Democrats neared a deal Thursday on a bill to combat global warming, but a top party strategist warned that to sell any plan to voters they’ll need to change the way they pitch it — including curbing the use of the term “green” jobs and even talk of “global warming.”

In a strategy memo, Democratic think tank Third Way and top party strategist Stanley Greenberg warned Democrats that swing voters don’t care about fighting global warming, and said terms like “cap-and-trade” are useless. Instead, the memo suggests that Democrats tap into Americans’ optimism that clean energy can help improve the faltering economy.

It may take more than a shift in the sales pitch to generate public support:

The memo also has a broader warning for Democrats that voters are losing patience with government interference – which, the memo’s authors say, will dampen enthusiasm for any program seen as adding more government involvement.

I guess that shows some in Washington actually have heard of the Tea Party movement.