From comes the latest attempt to stamp “Property Of U.S. Govt” on everything in sight.  Clean Water Hoax

With the Democrats having nationalized the financial, banking and automobile industries–bringing a strong layer of socialism to the key portions of the US economy, they are now moving to nationalize the American land and water. Under the Clean Water Act (CWA) the Federal government only had the authority to regulate “navigable waters” and control the discharge of pollutants and dredge and fill activities within those navigable waters.

The so-called Clean Water Restoration Act restores nothing. That is a hoax. Instead it removes the restrictive and limiting terms “navigable” waters and unconstitutionally extends the Federal regulatory authority over ALL waters of the United States. This includes the driest desert areas that may only hold water for a few weeks a year during summer monsoon rains. And it includes completely isolated prairie potholes (small ponds and marshes) with no connection whatsoever to any other waters.

Furthermore, the bill will now prohibit ALL activities affecting all waters of the United States. This means that anything a landowner, a business, a county roads department, a waterfowl conservation program undertakes that could conceivably affect anything that is wet–will be subject to the discretionary jurisdiction of Army Corps or EPA bureaucrats. They will then be able to make the lives of family farmers, ranchers, tree farmers, home builders–almost anyone and everyone–literally impossible. They will have the total power to force every farmer or rancher or ordinary business owner to run a gauntlet of permits, red tape, delays–that will delay projects long enough and cost so much as to essentially shut down or bankrupt even the most necessary and innocuous projects.

The EPA is becoming a kingdom in itself, isn’t it?  It regulates the air we breathe, now it will regulate the ground we walk on.  How is it possible that an unelected bunch of bureaucrats has such power?  And there ought to be a law that requires the names of Federal laws to accurately reflect their content.