Hundreds marched on Albany, NY, June 16, in an event put together by the Albany Tea Party Patriots:

“A lot of people feel that their liberties are being imposed upon by corrupt government officials, many of whom exist in the building behind me,” said Wade Abbott, coordinator of the event, pointing to the Capitol. Abbott, who is part of the Albany Tea Party Patriots, said people at the rally are most concerned with “excessive taxes, out of control spending and a very intrusive government.”

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From Instapundit:

ALBANY – There was no tea, but it was certainly a party at the Capitol’s steps with hundreds of protesters from around the state vocalizing the colonial stance of no taxation without representation.

The March on Albany Tea Party had four main issues taxpayers wanted to discuss including the execution of taxes, out of control spending, the intrusive government, and corrupt government officials, said event coordinator Wade Abbott.

The demonstration was planned weeks before the recent state Senate fiasco, but Abbott said they used that as an example of the corrupt politics in the state.

Palm Beach, FL, Tea Partyers make themselves heard:

Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson stayed quiet today when asked to apologize for comments he made in May about the anti-government-spending Tea Party movement.

About 50 Tea Party supporters showed up at today’s County Commission meeting, speaking out against county spending and raising concerns about Aaronson.

Aaronson drew the ire of the Tea Party movement last month when he questioned why more of the group didn’t show up for a county discussion about national healthcare proposals.

Since then, Aaronson has been flooded with e-mail from Tea Party group members, taking him to task for his comments. Today, Tea Party supporters showed up wearing red, white and blue, some holding signs with messages such as “Give me liberty, don’t give me debt.”

“Here we are,” Jose Ruiz, part of the Tea Party crowd and a candidate for Congress, told Aaronson and the other commissioners.

Montana Tea Partyers are calling their Senators to account:

Some Ravalli County voters say they want Montana’s Senators to explain their voting record when it comes to government spending.

A group of Ravalli County residents stopped at Senator Jon Tester’s and Max Baucus’ Missoula offices to drop off petitions on Monday. They’re asking the Senators to appear at a public forum in Ravalli County and explain their voting record.

Group members say they feel that the Senators and the Obama Administration are putting Democracy at risk by their fiscal irresponsibility. The group also says that the government is inhibiting freedom of speech and moving toward socialist government.

H/T Instapundit, who comments:  All politics is local, and 50 people doing this in a district is worth 500 marching on Washington.