Not even the departed are safe from greenie control freaks in Great Britain.  From The Telegraph, Eco-friendly shrouds to reduce cremation emissions

Council crematoria have banned families from dressing the deceased in their favourite outfits, under the strict rules against man-made fabrics.

Parents have even been forbidden from placing soft toys insides their children’s coffins because they could pose a risk to the environment when burned.

Instead, grieving relatives are being told they must pay £60 for a council-approved “fluffy and frilly” shroud made of 100 per cent natural fibres.

Will this be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for the people of Great Britain’s Nanny State?  Bet the local government makes a nice piece of change on the requirement, too.  I can’t think of any other single action that demonstrates so clearly how far their government control has gone, when people must honor their dead according to the state-sanctioned religion of Environmentalism.  Wake up, Brits, and rise up.

Thanks to Green Hell which has a video on the green funeral phenomenon.