You can’t gore progressives’ sacred cows if you attend a Pennsylvania college.  From FIRE, Bucknell University Slams Door on Student Satires of Obama Stimulus Plan, Affirmative Action

LEWISBURG, Pa., June 11, 2009—Student rights are under assault at Bucknell University, where a conservative student group’s protests against affirmative action policies and President Obama’s stimulus plan have repeatedly been shut down or forbidden by administrators using flimsy or patently false excuses. After the Bucknell University Conservatives Club (BUCC) had three events censored in two months, the students turned to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for help.

“Bucknell promises free speech, but it delivers selective censorship,” said FIRE President Greg Lukianoff. “Bucknell administrators have gone out of their way to abuse and even invent policies in attempts to silence these students, all the while professing to respect free speech.”

What were the group’s thought crimes?  Passing out “fake dollar bills with President Obama’s face on the front and the sentence “Obama’s stimulus plan makes your money as worthless as monopoly money” on the back”, and an affirmative action bake sale satirizing the reality of it by pricing products in such a way that “African-American and Hispanic students are asked to pay lower prices than Asian and white students for the same items.”

FIRE has written a letter to the college president, “informing him of these incidents and reminding him that the university’s handbook “instructs students not only that they have freedom of speech but that ‘deliberate interference’ with this freedom is prohibited … By shutting down BUCC events, Bucknell sends the message to its students that speech is to be feared, monitored, and ultimately restrained if it is deemed sufficiently controversial.” Bucknell has yet to respond.”

More at the link, including contact information for the university.