Another donor reward is in the mail, and the price could be more than inconvenience.  From the Washington Times, EDITORIAL: Kneecapping FedEx

Led by Rep. James L. Oberstar, Minnesota Democrat, the House on May 21 passed legislation that contains an almost hidden provision — a mere 230 words — that would hobble FedEx Express. It would do so by completely changing the labor laws under which the company operates. Unless the Senate removes the language from the underlying bill reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration, a mere dozen or so workers in just one city could hamstring much of the nation’s overnight delivery service.

What’s his justification?  Leveling the playing field:

Lawmakers have long recognized that certain sorts of transportation companies are the lifeblood of interstate commerce. That’s why they wrote the Railway Labor Act to apply special labor-relations rules to railroads and, eventually, airline-based businesses such as FedEx Express. Since 1926, the RLA has provided successfully for means other than strikes to resolve labor disputes fairly and quickly, without favoring either side.

The RLA does not, however, apply to non-rail, mostly ground-transportation companies such as the United Parcel Service. UPS instead is governed by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), the terms of which favor unions such as the Teamsters, which represents UPS drivers. Naturally, this means UPS and the Teamsters both have an interest in kneecapping FedEx Express. Together, the ground-delivery company and the union have executed what The Hill newspaper called a lobbying “pincer movement” to transfer authority over FedEx Express from the RLA to the NLRA.

…Mr. Oberstar argues that he is merely trying to treat similar workers similarly.

Of course, this is just a coincidence:

The UPS corporate political action committee has “given more money to federal lawmakers than any other company over two decades,” according to Bloomberg News, with $77,900 from UPS employees going to Mr. Oberstar since 1989. The Teamsters, who lean heavily Democratic, have donated $86,500 to Mr. Oberstar during that period.

FedEx is an essential player in the delivery business:

It is a little-known fact that FedEx contracts with the U.S. Postal Service to carry almost all of its Express Mail and a large proportion of its Priority Mail. FedEx delivers huge amounts of needed supplies for American military forces, too — and its service is just about the only way to guarantee that some lifesaving medicines reach patients overnight.

Much more at the link.

Consumers will lose big time if this goes through.