It’s not just healthcare services and insurance delivery the President wants to reform–it’s you.  From Politico via Michelle Malkin:      Barack Obama says shape up now

President Barack Obama eats his vegetables and exercises every day — and he really wants you to do the same.

From the White House garden to his picks for top health jobs, Obama is telling America’s McDonald’s-loving, couch-dwelling, doctor-phobic populace that things are about to change.

Don’t be fooled by the presidential burger runs. Obama and Congress are moving across several fronts to give government a central role in making America healthier — raising expectations among public health experts of a new era of activism unlike any before.

To match the new era of spending, debt and deficits unlike any before.  He does go for the grand gesture, doesn’t he?

By the way, this article is not from the Teenage Groupies For The O Man site.  It is Politico.  I had to check after I read that.

The Personal-Trainer-In-Chief has your program all worked out:

Any health care reform plan that Obama signs is almost certain to call for nutrition counseling, obesity screenings and wellness programs at workplaces and community centers. He wants more time in the school day for physical fitness, more nutritious school lunches and more bike paths, walking paths and grocery stores in underserved areas.

The president is filling top posts at Health and Human Services with officials who, in their previous jobs, outlawed trans fats, banned public smoking or required restaurants to provide a calorie count with that slice of banana cream pie.

Politico predicts that some unenlightened slobs will grumble a bit:

Still, Obama needs to strike a balance between fashioning himself an advocate of clean living and coming across as a public scold or a killjoy. That’s precisely how some people view Jacobson’s group, which has denounced movie popcorn, Chinese food and other indulgences that many Americans — including Obama voters —enjoy. Clean living in balance is an appealing notion, but finger-wagging moralism may not play so well in some precincts of Middle America, where voters may decide government commentary on the size of their beer gut or that plate of nachos isn’t such a good idea.

Why does Politico feel the need to reassure us that Obama voters are just regular folks?  Odd.  Anyway, it’s true that manipulation is hard work, but it is more effective if you understand a little about the idiots whose behavior you want to direct.  A word of advice to the controllers–the problem is not that they’re killing joy, it’s the stamping out of personal freedom.  Your minimizing the issue doesn’t change it.  As for the rubes, they’ll get over it.    They’ll have no choice.  Besides, it will save money in the long run:

The public health community has worked intensively in recent years to build a body of evidence in support of the very initiatives Obama and lawmakers are now embracing. They frame the issue as one of money: Chronic diseases account for 75 percent of the nation’s $2 trillion in medical costs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And if the government encourages healthful lifestyles, it could slow the rising cost of health care…

How much money will these measures save?  Just a ballpark figure.

…though the exact savings are debatable.

Ah.  Well, perhaps they should frame it as saving or creating X number of healthy beasts of burden instead.  Why not?  Obama’s been conning legacy media with that bull about stimulus employment numbers for weeks.

And about that statement, the public health community working to build a body of evidence–is the reporter saying that they decided what measures they wanted to impose on people and then made sure their studies supported their position?  Freudian slip or poor word choice?  You decide.

“This isn’t about telling people what to do,” said Nick Papas, a spokesman for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “It is about giving people the tools they need to live longer, healthier, happier lives.”

And penalizing them if they don’t:

…Some of the most conservative members of the House and Senate, as sponsors of the Patients’ Choices Act, want to prohibit junk food under the federal food stamp program and reward seniors who adopt healthful behaviors with lower Medicare premiums.

We’re all our own grandchildren now.

From the same Malkin post comes the news that a Congressman wants meditation to be part of our new health care regimen:

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) says he’s found a cost effective way to address chronic pain, stress, and other illnesses: meditation.

Ryan is urging policymakers to consider adding “mindfulness education”–learning to reduce one’s own stress level–to healthcare reform legislation.

“Every day, I meditate for at least 45 minutes before leaving home in the morning,” Ryan wrote on his website. “I find it makes me a better listener, and my concentration is sharper. I get less distracted when I’m reading. It’s like you see through the clutter of life and can penetrate to what’s really going on.”

We need quiet time legislation?  Well, why not?  As recently as 2007 the British National Health Service was paying for shamen, dowsers, flower therapists and crystal healers.  My guess is they still are.