The end result of one-payer government healthcare is rationing.  This is a fact of life in countries that have it.  So what might it look like in everyday life?  Smart Girl Politics has looked into the future and come up with a Health Care Ration Book (pdf). A few of the possible regulations:

1. From time to time the Office of Price Administration may issue Orders rationing or denying certain medical services, procedures, and medicines.

2. Before the stamps of this ration book may be used, the person for whom it was issued must sign it.

3. This book must not be transferred. It must only be used by the person to whom it is issued.

4. Any misuse of this book may result in the Ration Book being taken from the holder by the Office of Price Administration, and the offender fined or imprisoned or both

It even has coupons for procedures like root canals, blood transfusions and head xrays.  One wonders, what happens when you use up your coupons?  Do you just go without?

There are also pages with links to horror stories connected to government care.

This brings home the reality of the consequences of Obamacare.  People must be made aware.

The reality of Obama’s spread the wealth philosophy:


Poster PDF

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