Governor Daniels wants a tax credit for charitable donations that fund scholarships.

The Indiana School Scholarship Tax Credit program would provide a 50 percent state tax credit for charitable contributions to qualified scholarship programs serving lower-income families.

Children in grades kindergarten-12 could qualify for scholarships to help attend the public or private school of their choice.

The program passed the Indiana Senate with bipartisan support earlier this spring on two occasions.

A May 2009 study by researcher David Stuit, a fellow with the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, found that a scholarship tax credit would result in significant net savings for the state.

For example, the analysis model found that at an average scholarship of $2,500 or less, the state would realize at least $13.4 million in net savings alone in the first year.

“In a fiscal crisis, the program could provide the state with much needed savings and struggling families with much needed choices,” Executive Director of School Choice Indiana Network Jeff Brantley said.

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Sounds good.  I hope it becomes law.

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