This is very interesting.  Remember the bailout of AIG?  Like me, you probably mostly remember the fuss about their executive bonuses.  But there’s a lot more to the story.  One aspect that got no legacy media play was the fact that AIG is a big fish in the Shariah-compliant financing pond.  The Thomas More Law Center said that makes the Federal takeover of AIG unconstitutional, and a judge agreed.  An editorial from the Washington Times, Subsidized Shariah:

…the Treasury secretary on Tuesday lost a major round of a court case in which a taxpayer argues that government ownership of the insurance giant American International Group Inc. amounts to an unconstitutional government “establishment” of Islam. The controversy involves Shariah-compliant financing, part of which requires charitable contributions to those who “struggle for Allah” (“jihad”).

The Thomas More Law Center, representing the plaintiffs in this case, has claimed there are a number of links between charities that receive funds as a result of Shariah-compliant financing and “terrorist organizations that are hostile to the United States.” This is a long-standing practice whereby some front groups exploit charitable contributions to fund Islamic extremists.

The judge’s comment:

The judge acknowledged that the government bought AIG only to stave off an apparent crisis. He then wrote: “Times of crisis, however, do not justify departure from the Constitution.”

The case will now go to court.  Read more at the link.