Governor Daniels gave the Republican response to the President’s radio address Saturday, and he minced no words:

The proposal to cap greenhouse emissions “will cost us dearly in jobs and income and it stands no chance of achieving its objective of a cooler earth” because other nation’s such as China and India will not have to follow, Daniels said.

“The cost for all American taxpayers will be certain, huge, and immediate. Any benefits are extremely uncertain, minuscule, and decades distant,” he contended.

…”The national energy tax imposed by Speaker Pelosi’s climate change bill would double electric bills here in Indiana, working a severe hardship on low income families, but that’s only where the damage starts,” Daniels said. “In a state where we like to make things, like steel and autos and RVs, it would cost us countless jobs. … Our farmers and livestock producers would see their costs skyrocket. and our coal miners would be looking for new work.”

Transcript here and video here.

Thanks to Alamo City Pundit via TCOT