Carson City, NV, update:  Hundreds protest taxes in front of State Legislature

Protesters rallied in front of the Nevada Legislature on Friday afternoon for the Northern Nevada Tax Freedom Day Tea Party.

Nevada State Legislative Police estimated that about 250 people came to the rally. Many waved American flags or signs opposing high taxes, socialism, President Barack Obama and Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

Drivers passing by honked in support of signs reading, “Government is the Problem,” “I’m Mad as Hell Harry” and “Let’s Put the Taxanation Devils on a Starvation Diet.”

Shyrl Bailey of Washoe Valley said legislators need to start paying attention to the people who pay their salaries. Most politicians would rather spend taxes on new programs than consider the consequences of spending, she said.

“I just feel like I have to do something,” she said. “We wouldn’t run a house like our country’s being run. We’re borrowing, borrowing, borrowing instead of living in our means like I would do in my household and it’s wrong. It’s wrong for younger generations.”

Nevada’s Governor joined in:

Activists from both sides of the tax debate rallied at the Nevada Legislature on Friday, just hours after the Assembly voted to override Gov. Jim Gibbons veto of the Legislature’s $6.9 billion budget and the tax plan that funds it.

Several hundred anti-tax foes, including Gibbons, staged a late afternoon rally on the Capitol Mall, many of them lining Carson Street with signs bearing anti-tax and anti-Harry Reid slogans. Organized by the group Anger Is Brewing, the event was billed as a “Tax Freedom Day Tea Party.”

Gibbons and conservative Assemblymen Chad Christiansen, R-Las Vegas; John Hambrick, R-Las Vegas; Don Gustavson, R-Sparks and Ty Cobb, R-Reno, urged attendees to turn their attention to the Legislature, especially in the next election.

Gibbons blamed “liberal legislators” for passing the budget and $781 million tax increase to fund it, calling them “misguided, misinformed and mistaken.”

Kernersville, NC, held a Tea Party May 30:

Community members held a Tea Party Protest outside Kernersville’s City Hall Saturday. Taxpayers we talked to said their concern is for the next generations who will have to pay for the government’s mistakes. Protestors also said lawmakers should put in an end to wasteful spending on all levels. The group meets once a month on a Tuesday.

Raleigh, NC, is having a protest June 3.

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