Everyone in the world should paint their roof white.  Doesn’t paint or shingle production have a carbon footprint?

France may get a global-warming denier as super-minister of industry and research.  Opponents are not thrilled:

Claude Allègre argues that global warming is not necessarily caused by human activity. Putting him in charge of scientific research would be tantamount to “giving the finger to scientists”, said Nicolas Hulot, France’s best-known environmental activist.

…One critic said that associating Mr Allègre with the government’s ambitious environmental policy was like putting “organic farming alongside Chernobyl”.

They really don’t like him.

The World Health organization says save the planet, not the children.  A dead child every 30 sec vs. ????????

Climate warriors just want to have fun.

“We’ve been extremely busy. Politicians also need to relax after a long day,” says ‘Miss Dina’, herself a prostitute.