Think the Tea Parties are much sound and fury, signifying nothing?  Think again.  A battle from the right is brewing for Bennett

In his third term in the Senate, Bob Bennett finds himself in unfamiliar and unfriendly waters, roiled by public frustration with Washington and with at least two sharks circling, believing the Republican senator might be vulnerable.

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is expected to announce his Senate bid today and Tim Bridgewater abandoned his bid for state party chairman last week, saying he heard all over the state that delegates wanted a more conservative choice for senator.

Bennett was a prime target of tax protesters at “Tea Party” rallies last month, who booed the junior senator for supporting a bank bailout last year; conservative state legislators are breaking with Bennett and lining up with his challengers; and Shurtleff’s internal polling shows Bennett might have cause for concern.

Tired of business as usual:

Adam Gardiner, who organized the Tea Party rally in Salt Lake City, where Bennett was booed and jeered for backing TARP, said there is a feeling among the people he has talked to that he’s out of touch with the state and too willing to go along with the Democrats. “I think it’s been a lot of things mounting to where they’re just sick of the good-ol’-boys network,” he said.

Bridgewater says he’s running because he fears the Obama administration is moving the country “toward a dependence on government” and a system of government intervention that “strikes many Utahns as contrary to the American values system.”

Instapundit has pictures of a Tea Party in Salt Lake City, UT, May 20.