From The Foundry, Waxman-Markey Admits Waxman-Markey is a Jobs Destroyer

Don’t believe that Waxman-Markey is a jobs killer? Well Waxman-Markey does. Title VII, Subtitle B, Part 2 of Waxman-Markey is titled “Climate Change Worker Adjustment Assistance.” And just who are these “climate change workers”? Section 425 (b)(1)(A) says these workers must be employed in:

(i) energy producing and transforming industries;
(ii) industries dependent upon energy industries;
(iii) energy-intensive manufacturing industries;
(iv) consumer goods manufacturing; or
(v) other industries whose employment the Secretary [of Labor] determines has been adversely affected by any requirement of title 4 VII of the Clean Air Act;

In other words, just about everybody. And what kind of “adjustment” will these workers need “assistance” with? Section 425 (b)(1)(B) says these workers must:

“have become totally or partially separated, or are threatened to become totally or partially separated from employment”

And just so there is no confusion Section 427 of Title VII defines “total separation”’ and “‘totally separated” as “layoff or severance of an individual from employment.”

How many employees are we talking about?  About one million a year.

But not to worry.  They’ll be eligible for a climate change adjustment allowance.

Republicans want the 946-page bill and several hundred pages of amendments read aloud, in an effort to slow the headlong rush to vote on it.  The Democrats’ response?  Hire a speed reader.

Full speed ahead and damn the economy and consumer.  Amendments to void the legislation if India and China don’t sign on to an agreement to limit CO2 emissions, if gas prices topped $5 a gallon, if unemployment reached 15%, and to repeal it “if the average retail price of electricity sold to residential sector goes up by more than 10 percent in one or more census divisions” were shot down by Democrats.