In the battle between political correctness and accuracy, political correctness at any cost, even fraud, is the President’s choice. The Obama Administration is trying to make an end run around inconvenient facts.  IT BEGINS

Obamist FCC Announces Crackdown On ‘Racist’ Radio Ratings

In what appears to be the first stage of a broader, Chavez-style crackdown against talk radio and its audience success, Obama’s FCC has taken an official step toward eliminating (or, at best, manipulating) an electronic ratings system his supporters consider “racist”.

Using a pager-like device, Arbitron’s Portable People Meter (PPM) provides the first truly accurate system for measuring radio listening. Because it is passive, rather than requiring a diary to be manually maintained, opportunities for cheating have virtually been eliminated.

A good thing for advertisers, you would think.  Maybe, but it has hurt minority outlets by reflecting their true listenership.  On the other hand, other outlets, such as conservative talk radio, have seen their numbers increase.

Can’t have that, says the President:

While on the campaign trail, Obama officially condemned the electronic system, registering his opposition in the weeks before the election. Since taking power, he’s made good on his promise to fight PPM’s implementation, as his FCC orders an inquiry into the matter.

The ostensible beef:

In their quest to restore inflated ad revenues based on phantom listenership, these special interest groups are relying on two arguments: first, that minority households lack landlines (meaning it is theoretically harder to be reached by Arbitron) and that young African-Americans and other ethnic minorities are less inclined to participate in the PPM surveys.

Is a non-issue:

But aren’t those issues, even if shown to be legitimate, also of concern with the old paper diary system? What’s the difference? In addition to telephone calls, Arbitron contacts potential diarykeepers via mail and has sometimes oversampled minority groups to account for these concerns.

The endgame:

That’s what this is really about: the Obama Administration forcing Arbitron, a private company, to disproportionately sample certain groups in order to “restore” past fraudulently-obtained ratings. If they can’t do that, they’ll push to eliminate this technology and return to paper diaries.

It’s a move in the end-justifies-the-means attack on free speech.  It may sound like a small thing, but if they’re willing to distort the facts of minor issues, what won’t they lie about to reach their goals?

H/T  Michelle Malkin