Nothing succeeds like success. Congress didn’t have a chance to read the 999-page stimulus bill before voting on it, but they voted on it anyway. It hasn’t done diddley-squat to stimulate the economy and helps put our descendents unto the third generation into hock, but at least somebody did something, right?

And so it will be with spook and loot, AKA cap and tax. Democrats Are Fast-Tracking Nearly 1,000-Page ‘Cap-and-Trade’ Bill That Would Increase Electricity Bills

Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee put their cap and trade global warming bill–that would increase U.S. energy prices, including electricity bills–on the fast track Monday. Republicans, meanwhile, are complaining that the expedited process is designed to avoid well-informed public debate about what the bill will do and its consequences for American consumers.

Got a firm grasp of the obvious, those Republicans.

Spearheaded by committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), Democrats hope to have a vote on the nearly 1,000 page bill by the end of the week, despite the fact that they only released a draft copy of the bill Friday–a day when many members of Congress had already left the Capitol.

Capitalizing on public ignorance:

The poll showed that only 24 percent of voters could correctly identify that cap and trade is an environmental policy. Twenty-nine percent thought it dealt with Wall Street, and 17 percent thought it was health care reform. Thirty percent had no idea what the term means.

Jeez. Seventy-six percent of voters are clueless about cap and trade. No wonder the Democrats are in such a hurry. That’s probably lower than the percentage of Congressmen who won’t have read the bill before the vote, though.¬† Let’s hope there are enough jittery Blue Dogs to apply the brakes.