In Obamaland, things are not what they are, they are what he hopes you hear them as. Despite Obama’s Plea, No Compromise on Card-Check Legislation Likely

“I think that there may be areas of compromise to get this bill done,” Obama said. “I’m supportive of it. But there aren’t enough votes right now in the Senate to get it passed. And what I think we have to do is to find ways in which the core idea of the Employee Free Choice Act is preserved, which is, how do we make it easier for people who want to form a union to at least get a vote and have an even playing field? How do we do that, but at the same time get enough votes to pass the bill?

So long as you don’t listen too closely or are too busy to untangle the meaning, he makes it sound like it’s all about workers’ freedom to choose.  Too bad for him my trusty decoder ring is working.  The core idea of card check is to make it easier for union people to influence workers to form a union by getting rid of the secret ballot if they can pressure 50% of them to sign the card. Another core idea is that the government will be able to set terms of contracts if either the employer or the union drags their feet in coming up with a contract agreement.  It doesn’t level the playing field, it tilts it in favor of unions and government arbitrators.  It’s not about the workers at all.

Intransigence on both sides:

The unions behind the controversial bill say no compromise is acceptable unless it contains all the “core principles” or provisions of the original  – and those opposed to the legislation say no bill that contains any of those provisions would be acceptable.

Good.  I hope the opponents stick to their position.