A rerun of the Chrysler debacle is scheduled to air soon.  From OpenMarket.org, Government Bullies Retirees, Banks, Rips Off Taxpayers

The Obama Administration is now seeking to give the United Auto Workers Union a big chunk of General Motors, at the expense of taxpayers and bondholders (including non-union retirees). If Obama gets his way, the UAW will receive at least ten times as much value ($10 billion plus 39 percent of the company) as the bondholders (who get no money and 10 percent of the company) even though the bondholders are owed more ($27 billion vs. $20 billion). This is neither legal nor fair: under the bankruptcy laws, the UAW is not supposed to get preference over the bondholders; and it is the UAW, not the bondholders, which helped bring GM to its knees through its rigid work rules and excessive wages and benefits. The Administration will seek to get around the bankruptcy laws through a sham sale of GM’s assets to a shell company owned by the Administration and the UAW.

Who’s getting stiffed?

There are retirees — including white-collar, non-union, former GM employees — who depend on their holdings of GM bonds to pay for life’s necessities. Others bought GM bonds to put their kids through college.

The President should have a union label tattooed on his forehead.  In pursuit of the transparency he’s so big on.