People are picking up stakes and moving to Texas big time:  From the Midwest to the Pacific, job seekers are heading to Texas

For people seeking economic opportunity, Texas is becoming what California has been since the Great Depression, says Los Angeles urbanist and author Joel Kotkin. Texas recently “ran the table” in a recent list of “Best Cities for Jobs” prepared by Kotkin for New Geography and Forbes. Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Dallas were ranked as the top five large metro areas in the country to find a job. If that weren’t enough to get the moving van loaded, McAllen and Odessa top the mid-sized and small city categories, respectively. Among 333 metropolitan areas, Texas has a remarkable 20 in the top 100.

Relocation surveys show that Texas remains a top destination for people leaving other states. Its automobile registrations continue to climb, and the Texas housing market has avoided the double-digit declines other fast-growing states have seen. While the unemployment rate has risen in Texas, it’s nowhere near as high as most of the country, underscoring the state’s economic resiliency even as the downturn deals out its lumps.

Why is the employment situation so much brighter there?  Surprise, surprise:

Texas’ business climate of low taxes and a low regulatory burden draws companies and workers, Saving said.

“There is something inherently entrepreneurial about Texas. It’s the nature of the state from its formation, Texas was built by people who were looking to better themselves, and that has continued ever since,” he said.

Kotkin says tight business regulation is hurting California. But not Texas. “Whether you are GOP or Democrat, you can’t imagine Texas becoming anti-business,” he said.

Seguin Mayor Betty Ann Matthies says that mind-set is part of the reason Caterpillar is building a 850,000-square-feet diesel-engine plant that will employ 1,400 in her town of 25,091 east of San Antonio.

“I think that Texas is known right now for trying to encourage industry to come here,” Matthies said.

Why politicians don’t get that simple fact is one of the mysteries of the universe.