From the Center For Individual Freedom, Ready, Aim … Get Sued

A purse thief is suing his victim.  New York City resident Margaret Johnson, 59, was sitting in her motorized wheelchair outside her Lenox Terrace apartment when Deron Johnson, 48, allegedly tried to snatch her purse and gold chain.  Margaret Johnson pulled out her licensed .357 Magnum and fired a shot at Mr. Johnson, hitting him in the elbow.  Police arrived shortly thereafter and arrested him.

Mr. Johnson, who has nine previous arrests, claimed that Margaret Johnson shot him after he kicked her dog that tried to bite him.  He denied being a mugger and was acquitted on the charges.

Now Deron Johnson is suing Margaret Johnson and her landlord for $5 million.  “What’s grandma doing walking the streets with a loaded gun?” Craig Davidowitz, Deron Johnson’s attorney said, claiming that Lenox Terrace failed to protect his client.  “They should have known they had a tenant walking around with a loaded weapon.”

Margaret Johnson, whose grandfather Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson once ruled Harlem’s underworld and was a famous inmate at Alcatraz, was shocked by the lawsuit.  “I didn’t think you had to pay to get mugged in New York City,” she said.

—Source:  New York Post

Nine previous arrests, presumably no convictions.  Some justice system we have there.

Frivolous lawsuits aren’t only targeted at elderly ladies sitting in wheelchairs.  They represent a big cost to small businesses.  Faces of Lawsuit Abuse spotlights and solicits stories.