At least for now.  Report citing veteran extremism is pulled

A contentious “Rightwing Extremism” report that warned of military veterans as possible recruits for terrorist attacks against the U.S. was not authorized, has been withdrawn and is being rewritten, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Capitol Hill lawmakers.

“The wheels came off the wagon because the vetting process was not followed,” Ms. Napolitano told the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday.

…Neither were authorized products, and we have now put in place processes. And it turned out there were really no procedures to govern what went out and what didn’t before, and now there are. I do not want to see a replication of that,” Ms. Napolitano said.

“Neither” refers to the report and the lexicon, which has also been withdrawn.

Really, Madame Secretary?  Then explain this:

Civil liberties officials at the Homeland Security Department flagged language in a controversial report on right-wing extremists, but the agency issued the report anyway.

What kind of bull is she trying to sell here?  Disregarding  the results of a vetting process is not the same as not having one.

Someone’s head will roll:

Asked whether the person who wrote the report is still employed, Ms. Napolitano said, “Appropriate personnel action is being taken.”

The most appropriate action would be her resignation.

Ms. Napolitano says the report is being rewritten.  Let’s hope that this time it focuses on a group’s acts, not half the country’s political viewpoints.

H/T Hot Air