On Tuesday California voters will have an opportunity to rub their lawmakers’ noses in the Tea Party message.  From USA Today, Calif. voters ready to join tax revolt

LOS ANGELES — Three months after California seemingly averted a state budget meltdown, voters are being asked to ratify billions of dollars in higher taxes that were part of the deal.

So far, voters don’t seem to be buying it, a mood that portends trouble for other deficit-addled states whose political leaders are proposing tax hikes as a way out.

“The voters who are really tuned in are really turned off,” said Mark Baldassare, president of the Public Policy Institute of California, a think tank. “They see the state’s budget situation as a big problem, but so far, they don’t like the solution.”

Tea Party organizers are in the fight:

“This is part of the nationwide strategy of the Tea Party Patriots,” said Mark Meckler, California coordinator of the anti-tax group by that name, which has organized rallies here and across the country. “This is ground zero in the tax-and-spend heartland.”

Much more at the link.

I hope they make their voices heard loud and clear.