The President wants to rebrand cap and trade.  Buzzwords: Rephrasing Obama’s lexicon

Control the language, politicians know, and you stand a better chance of controlling the debate. So the Obama administration, in its push to enact sweeping energy and healthcare policies, has begun refining the phrases it uses in an effort to shape public opinion.

Words that have been vetted in focus groups and polls are seeping into the White House lexicon, while others considered too scary or confounding are falling away.

…Results of a recent poll by the Mellman Group were also shared with the White House. The Washington consulting firm undertook a survey for environmentalists that polled 800 likely voters in late March. Its 45-page report recommended playing up the idea that curbing global warming would create jobs.

The survey tested 19 phrases and found “clean energy jobs” had the widest appeal, with 42% of the respondents “very enthusiastic” about it.

“Cap and trade,” by contrast, ranked next to last, with only 7% registering enthusiasm.

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