For the Democrats’ advantage.  From the Democratic Strategist:

First, while these voters are unlikely to support Democratic candidates, their distrust and hostility to Obama and the Dems can be significantly moderated, reducing the number who move on to become committed anti-Democratic activists in hundreds of communities around the nation. The key is to reject the assumption that people who do not accept a Keynesian view are necessarily doctrinaire conservatives or committed Republicans. As we have seen, there is good evidence that they are not. Democrats can moderate the opposition of these voters by communicating with them in their own distinct “common sense” and “small business” framework.

Reason remarks:

He also thinks Dems should point out that many elements of the larger Tea Party-pushing coalition, from Dick Armey to Ron Paul to Objectivists, in fact have connections or beliefs that might frighten the decent old-fashioned angry Americans who make up the majority of Partiers.

All true. But for this to work to the Dems advantage in terms of dampening hostility toward them (not even Levison thinks they can win these Partiers votes), they will have to stop doing all those things that the Partiers don’t like, from taxing to deficit spending to regulating to bailing out banks. And that isn’t happening, nor is there a single force or figure within the Democratic Party power structure who wants or intends it to.

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A few well-chosen words will make the Tea Partyers dislike what Democrat politicians do less?  It’s not about the choice of words.  It’s the ideas, stupid.

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