I have referred to the Obama Administration’s recent actions in regard to the Chrysler creditors as being fascistic.  I realize that is a strong term, but I call things like I see them.  And I’m not alone.  Quin Hilyer from the American Spectator thinks so, too, as he details in The Facts on Fascism.

Referring to criticism he received on an article comparing the President’s economic policies to those of Benito Mussolini, he writes

Never mind that in the New York Times on April 7 , David Leonhardt went farther,  comparing the policies to the economics of Hitler in the course of saying that was a good thing because Hitler’s economics worked. Somehow, the rather fact-based piece I wrote was seen by the media elite as out of bounds, but Leonhardt’s was acceptable analysis because it was meant to praise Obama rather than bury him.

Yet Leonhardt’s column is proof enough that it is not some right-wing conspiracy theory that sees fascistic leanings in the big government, corporatist approaches taken by The One in the Oval Office.

Since then, the evidence has grown only stronger. As the Examiner  noted yesterday, the Obama takeover of General Motors is astonishing in its scope and reach. The money quote from GM itself: “The U.S. Treasury will be able to elect all of our directors and to control the vote on substantially all matters brought for a stockholder vote.”

Much more at the link.

These are frightening times.  We have the benefit of recent history to help us recognize what’s happening.  Whether we as a country have the will to stop it is another question.

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