Remember the Tea Party organizer who wasn’t allowed to speak at the Quincy City Council, to protest local tax hikes?  Quincy’s mayor says the request was inappropriate:

Quincy Mayor John Spring says he has no regrets about a City Council vote which denied a taxpaying citizen to opportunity to speak before the city’s governing body on Monday night.

Spring appeared on WGEM-FM (105.1) during NewsTalk Drive, hosted by Les Sachs on Tuesday afternoon. Sachs asked about Monday night’s meeting and Spring said the events made him ‘sad’.

“The main focus of the meeting was supposed to have been a very special night for those council members, mayor and other elected officials who were there to be sworn in to serve…,” said Spring, who is the mayor. “Unfortunately, that got a little overshadowed as I noticed in the coverage. Today, there wasn’t much said about that…so that’s sad. That’s a very sad thing in my mind that Quincy deserved better than that.”

Note to local taxpayers:  city government is for politicians.  Your concerns are irrelevant.

“I didn’t think that was appropriate…for that group from that standpoint to come and basically disrupt that ceremony,” Spring said.

McQueen had about 40 supporters at City Hall, who did nothing to disrupt any ceremony, which Spring admitted in the interview.

Spring said he said the city has denied ‘several’ people to speak in the past, but would not give specifics.

Being narcissistic, arrogant and a big fat liar are no way to go through life, Mayor.

H/T Instapundit