Tea Party action on the local level in Idaho.

Gathering for what they called “Tea Party II,” about 100 opponents of Gov. Butch Otter’s fuel tax proposal urged the Idaho House to stay firm in opposing Otter at a rally Monday afternoon at the Capitol Annex.

The theme was reminiscent of the April 15 Tea Party that drew 2,500 to Boise in a protest largely aimed at federal spending. Monday’s 35-minute event also drew about 15 lawmakers and 15 reporters to the steps outside the building where the House was to reconvene after a four-day weekend.

Tucson City Council confronted by 1,000 protesters:  City Council Proposed Tax Increases Get Blasted

The Tucson City Council proposed a myriad of tax increases, including a 2% tax on renters, increased utility, garbage, and water fees, a doubling of the hotel bed tax, and others…

…The Tucson Tea Party, Arizona Multi-Housing Association, as well as the Tucson Realtors’ Association encouraged their members to attend a rally beginning at 4:30 p.m. and wear red to protest the City Council’s proposed tax increases.

More than 1000 people turned out for the rally, with at least 2/3 of them wearing red, and 120 turned in cards to speak to the council.

Video of the Knoxville Property Tax Protest.

This Tea Party organizer was just fed up:

I organized the Wausau Tea Party in about two weeks, with donated goods and services from individuals and small business owners. I paid for the permit for the Wausau city square and the domain name for the Web site myself. I’m not a paid community organizer or an aspiring politician, nor am I a “racist astroturf right-wing radical” as some in the national media, the Democratic or Hollywood elite would have it.

I’m just a regular mom who lives in Rib Mountain, who is fed up with our government and motivated to plan a tea party. I am not involved in Wisconsin politics, nor have I ever been affiliated with any candidate’s campaign in Wisconsin.

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