A few weeks ago the website Parlorama.eu was shut down by political pressure.  It was intended to let European voters assess various Members of the European Parliament’s attendance of various official functions.  But it’s coming back with a vengence.  Parlorama.eu portal reopens despite EU politician threats

On 24 April, political pressure temporarily gagged the website which classifies Euro MPs according to their plenary sessions and parliamentary commission attendances. It is due to make a triumphant comeback with three new linguistic versions to boot on 4 or 5 May.

The e-initiative, which acts as a pre-electoral exam before the European elections in June 2009, used to be exclusively available in French. But parlorama.eu will be adding English, Italian and Spanish versions to its bows. If you check the website today, it will tell you: Due to the overwhelming volume of complaints, the site is closed… ,after a one-week blackout under legal pressure.

Much more at the link.

H/T Open Europe