Eric Odom is the guy who created the TaxDayTeaParty site.  In a post today he shares his thoughts about the direction the movement is heading in, some history of other campaigns he’s been involved in, and some information about future plans.  A few key points:

Since day one, I’ve strongly held the opinion that there should never be an “official” coalition or group to “oversee” the Tea Party effort. In fact, my belief is that doing so is impossible.

…In my view, our goal should have always been to simply facilitate an environment where local organizers could take the lead in this movement…

About focus:

And as a side note, we at some point need to understand the VITAL importance of regaining control of our LOCAL government. I get that fighting Federal battles is sexy and everyone is doing it, but I also get that we’re losing our asses in our own back yards!

About the future:  On the national level, issues he thinks Tea Partyers can influence are nationalized healthcare, card check and internet taxation.  On the local level,

–Revitalize and strengthen the initiative & referandum process
–Heavily support and push through Term Limit legislation
–Identify candiates for school board, city council, county boards, state legislatures and state constitutional offices… and arm them with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed at running for office
–Develop a large scale fifty state network of independently operated grassroots networks/coalitions that can effectively combat extreme local taxation
–Identify potential leaders and groups within the movement and provide them with the tools needed to expand and become politically successful

There are also plans for a 50-State-Capitols protest on April 15, 2010.  As part of that he extends an invitation:

Consider this a special invitation to a private, national strategic planning conference call that will take place on Tuesday, May 12th, 2009. In order to accept the invitation, you MUST send an email to and tell me why you desire to be a part of this conference call.

There’s a lot more at the link.