In Recession, Some See Burst of ‘Neighboring’

Some sociologists and community organizers say they think there has been an uptick of “neighboring” in the recession, as residents who just waved hello before are instead reaching out, in person and through e-mail discussion groups. They’re talking crime and the economy, helping others through job losses and organizing money-saving potlucks. In Montgomery County, for example, the number of new neighborhood groups has doubled, while in hard-hit Manassas, active groups jumped from five to 20 in the past two years.

“There’s been an overwhelming increase in participation overall,” said Kisha Wilson-Sogunro, neighborhood services manager for Manassas. “People want to get back to the basics. They understand, especially with the housing crisis, you just don’t know who is living next to you, and all of a sudden it’s a foreclosure. . . . If you would have been neighborly, you’d know who to call if something’s going wrong.”

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It’s as if there’s no need for Obama’s Army.